10 Features Of A High Quality Doctoral Thesis In World Literature

Your doctoral thesis is one of your most important works. It is a paper that will likely take you months to write, and that could make or break your final grade. As you begin to work on this important document, consider the ten features your paper needs to include.

  1. It demonstrates your knowledge.
  2. This paper caps off your doctoral curriculum. It is imperative that it demonstrates your knowledge of world literature as a whole as well as your knowledge on the particular subject about which you’re writing. Take the time to examine all the literary works that should have impact on your paper, so that you don’t leave out any important works.

  3. It is well researched.
  4. Researching your paper will likely be the most time consuming part of the process. Use multiple reliable sources to ensure your case is well supported.

  5. Resources are properly cited.
  6. A doctoral paper must contain a bibliography, and all sources must be properly cited.

  7. It has a main point.
  8. Before you begin, write your thesis statement. This is a simple statement of the overall point your paper sets out to make, and will guide the rest of your writing. All paths your paper takes must lead to this original point. Writing this part first will help you stay on track.

  9. It is well organized.
  10. You will have many different sections in your paper, each with a distinct point. Organize these points so that the paper reads logically.

  11. It is well written.
  12. Write concisely and authoritatively. Avoid the passive voice and be certain to avoid slang. Remember that academic writing should be easy to read but somewhat formal.

  13. It contains no spelling or grammatical errors.
  14. If proper spelling and grammar don’t come naturally to you, find someone to edit your work. Papers at this level of academia must be error free.

  15. It is unique.
  16. It’s important to write from a unique perspective so that your thesis doesn’t sound just like another. You may choose a subject that has been written about regularly, but if so, choose a new spin on the subject.

  17. It is original.
  18. It should go without saying, but plagiarism is not tolerated at this level of academic writing. Use a plagiarism website to check your work, if needed.

  19. It follows the guidelines.
  20. Be certain to follow your professor’s requirements to the letter when writing your paper. Failure to adhere to the rubric can cost you a significant number of points on your final grade.

Your thesis is an exciting time in finishing your academic career. Take care to ensure your paper meets these ten guidelines to have a thesis paper you’ll be happy to publish.

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List Of Ph.D. Thesis Topics In Peace And Conflict Studies

Are you confused on what topic to write for your Ph.D. thesis in peace and conflict studies? You have come to the correct place. Below are some ideas of topics that you can use for your Ph.D. thesis.

  1. The impact of the religious conflict between Israel and Palestine on peace in the Middle East
  2. With this topic, you can discuss how the religious conflict between Jewish Israel and Islamic Palestine has caused conflict in this area since the creation of Israel. You can examine how this religious conflict causes peace to be difficult to achieve in this area.

  3. The role China plays in creating stability in Third World Countries
  4. Under this topic, you can discuss whether China plays a positive role in fostering peace within developing countries or is China, in fact, taking more from these countries than it is giving. You can use an example of a developing country that China has an influence in for instance Zimbabwe, Pakistan, etc.

  5. The impact of the Syrian crisis on peace in the Middle East
  6. This is an issue that is still going on and therefore needs careful analysis. The Syrian conflict is causing much conflict within the Middle East. Refugees from Syria are fleeing to neighboring countries. This may have an influence on the peace and stability of the precise countries. In your Ph.D. research, you may discuss how this Syrian crisis is affecting the well-being of the various countries present in that area.

  7. The role that water plays in creating peace or conflict among riparian countries
  8. Water is an issue that is gaining much importance worldwide. This is because of its diminishing quantities. A good idea of a topic is to take the example of a river that is shared by more than one riparian and discuss the role that water has to play in relations between riparian states. You can, for instance, take the Jordan River Basin or the Indus Basin.

  9. The role that the United Nations has in fostering peace across the world
  10. For this topic, you can once again take a case study and analyze whether the United Nations played a positive role in that conflict or did not have a major role to play. You may take two case studies if you wish and compare them.

    The above are some ideas that you can use when thinking about what topic to select for your Ph.D. thesis in peace and conflict studies.

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A Thesis-Writing Checklist For Beginners

Anything you need to do becomes easier once you know the steps you are required to take. This is true even of theses. If you want to write one and have it really shine, there are certain things that are necessary actions. They are as follows:

Picking a good subject

There are infinite topics on which a thesis can be written. If you choose poorly, you may sentence yourself to months looking into one of the more difficult ones with very little hope of positive results at the end. You may choose something that is overdone or so controversial that your fellow students will not look at your work. Choose wisely to avoid this.

Gathering the necessary data

A good topic must be supported by strong data collection skills. If possible you should actually do a preliminary search for information before you actually select the topic. This can stop you from being stuck in an academic wasteland where no relevant information for your concept can be found.

Performing relevant statistical analyses

The data will have to be put through statistical analysis so that you can draw strong conclusions from it. Without this step all you would be presenting is figures and tables that do not clearly point in one direction or another. If you began with a hypothesis, you need to explain if the data supported it or not. Were you surprised by the direction your evidence pointed or was it exactly as you expected? Do not leave this to the reader to infer. State it plainly.

Compiling the findings

At this stage you will need to put the information and your findings together into a cohesive project. Depending on the style your writing is expected to take this may turn out in different ways. Look at the guideline booklet for your style and make sure that you have obeyed all of the rules it sets out to the best of your ability.

Reviewing the finished product

You should be very close to completion at this point. It is necessary that you look over everything you have done here. This stops you from submitting incomplete or unprofessional work. If you lack the patience to do this thoroughly, hire someone who will do the job instead.

The only thing left for you at this point is submission. You should be proud of yourself having followed all the steps to a great thesis.

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